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Donna Lewis

I have been a creative person all my life, being a multidisciplined visual artist, I am also a milliner, commercial artist, sculptor, by combining all of my knowledge and skills has shaped my creativity and passion for producing Visual Art.
I enjoy every aspect of art, the design process, the immersion, the outcome.
I have a fascination with the colour, texture and intricacies of landscapes, flora and fauna. Nature inspires me and I endeavour to bring a tactile element to my art. I want people to feel like they need to touch it, to draw them into every detail and cell of the art piece. You can only find such a flowing rigidity and natural progression in nature, and everyone sees something different that speaks to them.
My art is experimental, I enjoy pushing the boundaries and limits of different mediums. I create to satisfy my own needs initially, if people enjoy what I produce and they get a sense of meaning from it, I have achieved what I set out to do, this is the basis of my art.

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